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Jane wrote:
  I probably have over 10,000 buttons--sorted and stored in suitcases--MOP, glass--every type--even newer ones. I have bought some of your button findings to use to make bracelets with buttons and vintage earrings. thanks for all the info! Jane in Louisiana
Ethel / TEMA wrote:
  Hi Clare, A lovely site... thank you so much for the information you have shared. I'm a newbie at buttons and only started when I found a couple of bags of buttons at a secondhand store. Guess I'm hooked. TEMA
Justine wrote:
  Hello Claire, I thoroughly enjoyed your site, clear descriptions, information and beautiful pictures. I have some marcasite ? and some uniform buttons that I can't identify. Any suggestions for sites that would help? Thanks, Justine
Letha wrote:
  Hi Clare~ Thank you for a lovely, delicious, and comfortable tea luncheon on Sunday afternoonl. Baby Luna loved it too! I especially enjoyed talking with you about jewelry making, seeing your beautiful work and learning more about a few of the million of buttons in your collection. I hope that you'll soon be a 'nester' and can arrange more of your beads in their new home! Hope to see you again soon!!!
Sheri wrote:
  Wonderful products and suggestions! I was reading tips for bracelets. I have found that a wooden skewer also works well for applying the glue. The flat end works well for applying the glue and the pointed end works well to gently clean up the area that the glue has come out the sides.
Sheila wrote:
  dear clare, This is a great website for button-people!!! I've been looking to do something with my collection so started researching jewlery. I come across your website and now I know what I want to do. Thanks for being out there... This is were it all begins..
Janet wrote:
  Clare - What a GREAT website. VERY informative AND very interesting-love it! YOU, my friend, are GORGEOUS!! You are the BEST on Ebay AND the Internet!! You sure know your buttons!! THANKS for all your help and GREAT supplies over the years. Janet
Cathy wrote:
  Love your site. Please tell mewhat you used in the center of the button to cover up the holes?? Looked like a silver designed disc. Do you sell?
buttonladyjz wrote:
  I'm a buttonlady too. I started about 9 years ago. I have lots of buttons. Lots of pretty glass, vegetable ivory, pearlies (the nice ones),of course celluloid, metal, china stenciled, lucite, bakelite, and so many more. You helped me so much on the different kinds that I didn't know about. I still have one kind that I don't know about. Ir is fairly rough, heavy, and not very pretty. What are composition made of? I found some buttons that look like pressed paper. I hope you can answer this. Thanks again!
Bonnie Cernosek wrote:
  Hi, I purchased a button watch and was wanting to make one of my own. On the watch I bought the button shanks were not cut, the bracelet blank part of it was not solid on the back side. I don't know if I'm clear enough for you to understand what I'm talking about. Thanks
Kathleen E. Lopes wrote:
  Where do I send a check to purchase the three Teddy Bear Pewter color buttons I ordered on this website? Who do I make it out to as well. Thank you!