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Horse Jewelry



Some of the Wonders of my Victorian button collection are the tiny picture buttons. It has always amazed me the amount of detail that is dealt with on a half inch button.
 These pictorials are reproductions of actual buttons in my own collection. 
I used seven different designs, all of Equine related subjects. The originals are from the late Victorian period. The buttons are quality castings plated in various bronze or pewter colors that are reminicent of the originals as new. The special little horse pictures actually have names that are well known to button collectors. From left to right, they are, The Jaunting Cart, Old Dobbin, All Saddled Up, Sporting Horse, A Hunting Horse, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and the Horseshoe button which is seen in numerous variations, often including the bottom of the horses foot, showing the 'frog' (the V shaped part) as seen here.

I can make earrings that match, either sterling post or French wire.
email for more info.