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Where Have They Gone

~Where Have All The Buttons Gone~
Since decorating with buttons has become such a popular passion with many collectors, I see some need for a gentle reminder that some of the buttons from “grandma’s box” may have more value to them without the glue attached. Having become such a throwaway society we tend to forget that we wouldn’t have some of those “neat old things” unless someone from an earlier time hadn’t SAVED them in the first place. The next time you get ready to apply the glue gun, think about what you will be leaving for generations on down the line.

Start sifting through the button boxes of the past and you may find some treasures worth saving. Grandma’s buttons may be dusty and smelly but washing them is not always an option, if anything polish them with a non abrasive cloth. Metal buttons, buttons with cardboard in them, also some wood and fabric buttons will not take kindly to the water. Sort the buttons by material and store them in breathable (not airtight) containers.

Metal and some older plastics do not mix well. Chemical reactions will disintegrate the plastic buttons and turn the metal buttons green. Set aside the more interesting finds from the old boxes and then take the time to learn more about them.
There are some wonderful books available to help with your research. Try these: “About Buttons” by Peggy Ann Osborne, “Antique and Collectible Buttons” by Debra Wisniewski and “The Collectors Encyclopedia of Buttons”By Sally Luscomb. If you find you’ve opened a door to a collecting passion, you will find helpful information at the website of The California State Button Society. (See the Links page)
Once you’ve separated the “Wheat from the chaff”, so to speak, you may enjoy your buttons to the fullest extent of your crafting capabilities.
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