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Pick a topic Any Topic

~Pick a topic...any topic~
 Whatever your collecting passion, it’s quite likely that you would be able to add to it by including buttons. Practically anything you could think of, has, at one time or another been featured on them. If your mania is Panda Bears, for instance, have you any idea how many different kinds of buttons and materials they are made of might have something panda related? Collecting buttons by topic must be one of the more popular aspects of the hobby. In fact, it is an important aspect of the Button Society classification system and greatly adds to the fun of collecting buttons for competition. Yes, button collectors love to show off their collection and even compete against each other at State and National levels. Buttons with pictorial designs have been made during all periods. The oldest and finest made of this type are from the late 1700's.

Pictorial image buttons seem to be the most plentiful through the Victorian era and into the early 1900's. Of these types of image buttons, it seems those of animals were made in quantity. From the likely, as in a bunny rabbit, to the unlikely. Would you wear a button with a Rat on it? Favored subjects, as in the cat, for example, are not so plentiful as you might think. Amazingly, dog buttons apparently far outnumber the cat ones, thus making it a bit more expensive accumulating kitty buttons. You can hunt for animal buttons from A to Z or even use the animal kingdom classification. Remember what you learned in school? Mammals, birds and reptiles. Vertebrates and invertebrates. Absolutely, you can find them all on buttons.

Now, if you were to pull my own button string to see what’s attached to it, a passion for horses is what you’d find. The multitude of buttons I have that are of equine subject matter would definitely give you pause. I even have some various winged Pegasus, the most fantastical horse of all. 
Of course you are not just limited to animals in your quest for topics. There are people, pretty ladies, buildings, plant life and pictorial objects, to name a few. The whole idea puts me in mind of an old nursery rhyme. “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” As long as some of those ‘things’ are buttons I know I’ll be happy.

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